About Us

Learn how Snow Proof Signals LLC came to be.

Our Story

Snow Proof Signals LLC founder Chris Bichon has been a signal electrician for the State of Colorado for over 12 years. Bichon started Snow Proof Signals because he saw first-hand the problem with snow building up in LED signal heads and causing fatal traffic accidents. He set out to design a device to help resolve this issue and make intersections safer.

The snow build-up issues started in the early 1990s with the inception of LED stop lights. Since LED stop lights do not produce much heat, they are far more prone to buildup of snow and ice than traditional stop lights were. One reason the industry has not found a good resolution to this issue is that it is hard to get a consistent testing environment. It is difficult to test a design in a given year since the perfect storm may only happen once - or not at all. Most of the testing for Snow Proof Signals is done using traffic signals mounted in the back of a pick-up truck, which is then driven through actual snow storms at variable speeds, usually around 30-55 MPH. This method of testing has allowed the devices to be tested in different types of snow, leading to a design that is helpful in a real-world environment.

Snow Proof Signals is dedicated to leading the industry in helping to decrease this problem. With many hours of testing, and a wealth of knowledge in traffic signals, Snow Proof Signals looks forward to making intersections safer for you and your family.

Snow Proof Signals LLC is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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