Providing better protection against stop light snow buildup
image of stop light, red light is turned on

Make Intersections Safer During Snow Storms

Snow Proof Signals LLC is dedicated to providing safer roads and intersections for all drivers. Our device helps prevent LED traffic signals from becoming blocked up with snow and ice during storms. We developed our design, called the Snow Cone, to repel the type of snow build-up that prohibits drivers from seeing the lights in snowstorms.

The Problem and Solution

During bad snowstorms, most people are unable to see the red lights in order to stop their vehicle properly.

Our innovative design, The Snow Cone, keeps ice and snow buildup from accumulating on stop lights, preventing all-too-common motor accidents resulting from a driver’s inability to decipher traffic signals.

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image of stop light
image of stop light

Key Features:

image of stop light

Keeps stop lights bright and visible

image of stop light

Patented design helps prevent vehicle accidents

image of stop light

Rigorously tested in different types of snow

image of stop light

Available for city, state, federal government use

Colorado Bomb Cyclone of 2019

Pictured below are traffic lights with Snow Proof Signals’ design installed. These photos were taken during the bomb cyclone of 2019 (one of the state’s most intense cyclones ever recorded) and show just how effective our design is - even in the most
severe weather.

image of stop light

Observe the brightness of our patented Snow Proof Signal design (center) vs. the normal LED signal (left & right) during a snowstorm. All 3 sets of lights are on but only the Snow Proof Singals' light can be seen in the snowstorm.