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When safety is paramount in winter time driving, this is the best snow shield designed on the market to help keep the snow out of the signal heads lens. It does not use electricity to heat the shield. Just install the retrofit parts with most existing signal heads and visor. It can be installed on red, yellow, and green LEDs. That all. It's that easy.

There is little to no maintenance. It simply uses the aerodynamics that allow the snow to move through the signal head visor. Using higher pressure, low velocity (ambient air pressure) on the leading edge of the signal head. As the snow moves through the signal head, it increases in velocity and lower's the pressure allowing the snow to keep clear and allows visual contact of the lights for the drivers. The harder the wind blows, the better this design will work.

image of stop light


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News Link image

This traffic signal has the regular LED on the top half and has Snow Proof Signals’ design installed on the bottom half. The photo on the left shows the traffic signal with LED lit up, and on the right the LED is off.

PATENT NUMBER: US 10,223,913 (CANADA 3,006,183)